About Us

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has three agencies represented in Peru, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), the Forest Service (FS) and the Animal, Plant, Health and Inspection Service (APHIS).

FAS is the lead USDA agency overseas and directly represents the Secretary of Agriculture.   FAS Lima is a Regional post covering Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. The principle Mission of FAS Lima as Agricultural Affairs Office (AAO) is to promote U.S. exports and other agricultural interests in Peru.  This includes market development, international trade agreements and negotiations, and the collection and analysis of statistics and market information. A second mission is to strengthen Peruvian food security.  In developing countries, such as Peru, both missions are important.

We spend a lot of time and resources providing information to U.S. policy makers and U.S. exporters about market conditions, resolving market access issues that limit U.S. exports and carry out promotional activities chiefly in cooperation with U.S. agricultural trade associations, state-regional trade group, small businesses and cooperatives. We also negotiate food aid agreements, including the use of local currency generated by those agreements to strengthen local agricultural development and food security.  Ideally, we find ways to advance both missions in a synergistic manner.

Welcome to the FAS Regional Webpage based at the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru!